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+22 Yrs Trading

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 The Option God 

  India's First Mathematical / Quant Based Options Trading Online Mentorship Program   



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Hr's Theory
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The Ultimate Program for traders

who want a career path in Options

Welcome to The Option God Mentorship Program. The mission of the program will not only transform your trading but also your life. To achieve that goal, you as a trader must commit a large part of your time, money and effort over the next few months.

You don’t need to be an experienced trader to attend the program. Each of our mentees will work with our trainers, who will create a customized curriculum catering to your needs based on risk aversion and trading style. 


To qualify for the Options God Mentorship Program. 

1. Attend at least 3 out of 4 sessions of the Demi-God program. 

2. Complete an application form. 

Our mentors Rajat Dutta and Gunjan Dua will then interview you face to face via Skype or GotoMeeting and assess the level of training, which will be required to transform you into a successful trader.

 Your transformation

  begins here  



As noted, to enrol in The Options God mentorship program you need to attend 3 out of 4 phases of the Demi-God program. This program will be a gateway to your career path. It is divided into 4 phase residential event, each of which will be held at different destinations. Each phase will be a two-session residential event. 

Phase 1 – During the first phase students will work on understanding the key fundamentals behind options. It will shed light on the key concepts and the math behind the derivative products. We feel that this is the most important session out of all as this is the session in which you will build a base towards the future concepts. 

(Phase 1 will have the highest weightage on your admission towards The Option God Program)


Phase 2 – The second phase will be an introduction to our first proprietary option trading model. This is a build-up from the first phase. Students will be given a complete overview of what led to the discovery of the model, its derivation, its application and measures to improve the probability of trades. 

Phase 3 – In the third phase, students will be introduced to the second proprietary model. To add to that, the first model will be revisited and will be merged with the second proprietary model to combine a short and long structure. By this phase, you will able to understand time and price mechanics in the options universe. You will have a system that can be used for delta and gamma play as well as a system that can be a theta and a vega combo play. 

Phase 4 – The fourth phase is where training moves from the strategy room to the war zone. You’re your fellow traders from the Demi-God group and mentors participate in the conquest battle (Live Trading). Here we go out as a team and practice the skills we learned in the three phases and use it to trade live. This phase consists of 10 trading sessions, in which trading is done via a virtual trading room. We will share our screens and will take trades in front of you. Each aspect of the trade will be shared, which will help you clear any doubts regarding the systems

 Your transformation

  begins Now 

Choose your Pricing Plan

Phase 1


Options Basic / Options Strategies / Risk Mangement / Position Sizing

Online - Webinar Mode 

EMI Available

Phase 4


10 Live Trading Session / 66 Hr's Trading with Mentors on Learning's 

3 Days Residential Session

EMI Available

Phase 2


Risk Management / Positions Sizing / Point of Control / Positional Strategies

Online - Webinar Mode 

EMI Available

Phase 5


Variance Vs Volatility / IV vs Hv / 1st order greeks / Shadow Greeks / Long Volatility a poor Hedge

Online - Webinar Mode 

EMI Available

Phase 3


Trend Identification / Static Options / Intraday Strategies / Ressitance & Support - Options

Online - Webinar Mode 

EMI Available

Full Program


Full Program / All Phase  / Free 22 Days Access to Live Trading Room worth 20,000

Online - Webinar Mode 

EMI Available

Schedule of the Program 

 Phase 1 -  24 OCt 2020 weekend

 Phase 2 -  21 Nov 2020 weekend

 Phase 3 -  19 dec 2020 Weekend

 Phase 4 -  18 jan 2021 onwards

 phase 5 -  30 jan 2020 weekend

"Simplifying the market Structure"


The Market

Structure  2020

  India's First Market Structure Program   

 Elliott wave 

 Harmonic Wave 

 Neo wave 

 Advance Fibonacci 

 market geometry 








Hr's Theory

The Ultimate Program for traders, Bankers, HNI's, Hedge Fund Managers

who want a complete

understanding of markets

Understanding the market trend is one of the biggest challenges for any trader. To fill that gap, we introduce the Market Structure program 2020. This program is focused upon the concepts of similarity and balance. We will look at the market through various lenses, some common ones such as Elliot Wave, some not so common such as Neo Wave and some rare topics such as Harmonic Elliot. Moving forward we will also introduce topics such as Advanced Fibonacci and Market Geometry. In the structure program 2020 weightage will be given more on the practical application of the concepts.

As a student, you will learn some new concepts such as Time and Price projection, Psychology behind the Waves, the rule of similarity and balance, Risk Management and Position Sizing. To add to that, we will offer you 2 proprietary systems with this program. The combined knowledge will help you Understand different schools of Knowledge and train you to observe the markets as a 3-dimension image.

After completing this course you will look at the chart as a map, which will help you determine your position, your possible routes, and your navigation strategy on those routes, to add to that, you will also know the action to take if you take the wrong turn. Overall, The Market Structure program will fully prepare you for your market journey.

Your transformation

The Market Structure 


Part 1

Elliot Wave

Neo Wave

Harmonic Wave

Fibonacci Applications

Advanced Fibonacci Applications

Market Geometry

Risk Management and Position Sizing


 Part 2

The Conflux Method

A Proprietary system that helps you finding tops and bottoms. This will help you take a low-risk trade near the market top or bottom. It has a Risk Reward Ratio of 1:10 and has captured major and minor reversal levels with great accuracy. 

The Axial TP

A Proprietary system that is for intraday or short-term traders. With a Risk reward of 1:10, The Axial TP gives short term trades with high accuracy. Trades are usually held for a few minutes to a few hours, but the returns are exponentially higher. It captures areas where Time and Price meet.

  begins Now 

Choose your Pricing Plan

Part 1


Wave Theory / Advance Fib / Market Geometry

Can be bought as Stand-Alone  Webinar

EMI Available

Part 2


The Conflux Method / The Axial TP

Cant be bought as Stand-Alone Clubbed with Part 1 

EMI Available

Full Program


Part 1 & Part 2

Part 1 & Part 2 Clubbed Deal - Early Bird Discount Price

EMI Available

Schedule of the Program 


  Elliot & Neo Wave -  15 Nov 2020 

 Adv Fib  -   5 Dec 2020 weekend 

 Market Geometary -   2 jan 2021 weekend  

  Part 2 -   6 feb 2021 weekend  

About US 


We are " The Multiplier " A team of Five highly passionate & focused individuals. We worked hard & fast and made it work and how!! What started as a punt with a small capital base, and transformed it into a diversified business model catering to the needs of investors and traders. With our combined experience of over 58 years and our individual subsets of core expertise, we can safely say, we know what we talk about.

Although our systems are designed based on quantitative modelling, we give high weight-age to position sizing and risk management. The life cycle of stock market trading is a journey of constant ups & downs and mistakes can be catastrophic. It’s best to learn from them, especially others and it is cheaper. For someone who started from scratch, we know the predicaments of a new entrant aspiring to be a prudent trader or investor who is about to embark the widely complex market scenario.

Our services are designed to cater to your needs – you can be an investor/trader looking to filter market noise, which makes you stand out from the crowd or a serious trader who wants to trade with milliseconds latency trading robots or with experienced traders in a virtual trading room or you could be an individual, who wants to learn and build on your knowledge through offline events or online webinars from the comfort of your couch. Whatever your needs are, we offer products that suit your requirement and style of trading. Stay tuned to know more about the quintessential " The Multiplier "  of the markets providing you the edge in succeeding your dream of absolute financial independence into a reality. Our esteemed clients span across various demographic and social profiles.


If money motivates you and wealth creation is your goal; "Then Why Wait, Let Tomorrow Begin Today"


 Rajat dutta 

As an awkward teenager in the early 90s, I often accompanied my stockbroker father to his office, where the star attraction for me was his then shiny, now prehistoric, 286 Desktop Computer. Little did I know then, those sessions were going to shape my career and to a large extent, my life. It was more than mere chance that I ‘found’ trading; it was more of a subconscious initiation.

Made my first million at the age of 19 in just seven months only to lose it all in 7 days. “Highway to hell but the staircase to heaven, eh?! I learnt a valuable lesson very early in my career; it’s not just about getting rich but it’s mostly about staying rich. I took this incident to be my vantage point and began my humble journey to scale the insurmountable Everest of knowledge. It has been a long road since then, great fortune to be able to write such rule in the world of stocks & trades. @ Multiplier created robots #ALGO #RothsChild #ARIMA.

Presently focusing on volatility & functional data analysis. Research works includes Quant Modelling #PointOfControl #RotationalCounts #TimeSeries #StaticOptions. A hardcore preacher of Data Science.

 Gunjan Dua 

My trading journey started in 2001, when a series of unfortunate events brought stock markets once again into the limelight. My commerce education helped me understand the common stock market lingo but I was just getting started. Till 2007 I traded based on fundamental analysis. Like everyone else, I made a lot of money in the Bull Run before the global financial crisis hit. The randomness of the Bull Run fooled me into thinking way more of myself than what I really was, however, the fall made most of the people including me fall flat on the face.


After the carnage of 2008, I thought about quitting approximately 5000 times (and that’s a lowball estimate). But despite the high losses, low confidence, mental fatigue and bearish news flow overdose I kept ongoing. My favourite writer is Haruki Murakami, if you look at the market through his lens you will find it as a weird dark place, with cats, however, when I started reading Mandelbrot I realised that out of chaos comes the light, just like in Murakami’s fictional world.

MBA, MFA, CMT & CFTe Charter holder

 Supriya dutta 

I am the flag bearer of the Events Division & Corporate Communications. An Alum of "The Army School" & "Amity School of Communication" ( Post Grad Mass Com ). I had been on Board with HT Media Ltd, Zee Entertainment Ltd, STAR network & FTV India ( Fashion TV India ).

The journey of The Multiplier from a stock brokerage firm to "FinTech" organisation has been a true example of inventing & re-Inventing with times & technology. Their an immense opportunity of growth with new possibilities originating with a blend of new technologies in the financial sector. Going ahead Social Media communications shall be the catalyst for organisational success stories. With Technology as our core base & Transparency in communication, that shall provide a robust edge to The Multiplier in times to come.


As Hobbyist avid art collector & budding Sommelier.

 Shivansh Singh 

"Financial Engineering Nut" that's how my team Members refer me. My Drive, to solve financial problems with tools and knowledge from the fields of data science, statistics, economics, and applied mathematics to address current financial issues as well as to devise new and innovative financial products.


Hi, I am Shivansh Singh graduate from IIT ISM Dhanbad 2019, my areas of interests include data science & financial markets. Presently heading project on  Price Architecture on Options & Building tools around them. Breading 24*7, build robust automated trading systems.


@TheMultiplier Decoding Options Price Matrix.

 Achintya Tiwari 

A die-hard Student of quantitative analysis. Focused on integrating Mathematical equations in various assets class, with mechanical architecture to create "The Edge"  Practitioner of logical madness with sound data science approach, enabling to counter & deliver task assigned.

Hi, I'm Achintya &  best know as investigative mind & problem-solver who somehow got introduced to 'mystical' financial markets which eventually motivates me to unfold its mystery. @The Multiplier Spearheading the mechanical diagnostic domain, responsible for architecture designing & infra optimisation.

Currently developing black box ( HFT ) for BANKNIFTY Options.


"LTR - Simple to execute, quantitative and profitable trading setups"

Rahul Malhotra

"Nothing to say more about LTR, experience yourself the amazing journey u would discover"

Sushil Tandon

"I have thoroughly found LTR program to be helpful in generating consistent returns"

Chander Channa

"I Cant Belive My Eyes & Ears. LTR is a money spinner"

Rahul Mehta

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